I have a confession…

It’s been 348 days since I last posted. That is atrocious. I intend on remedying the situation in coming weeks – it’s been an interesting 12 months!

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A guide to writing for your online audience, not your navel

Creating good web content isn’t about cramming your pages full of keywords and hoping to god that Google indexes your site accordingly.

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A professional with a passion for words writes here.

This blog shares perspectives on the changing face of communications and PR in the digital age – the good, the bad and the downright ugly!

I live in a beachside metropolitan suburb of Adelaide, South Australia. Working as a freelance writer for a variety of online and print projects, I also provide strategic communications advice to a range of clients.

I like snail racing and the crunchiness of salt in my hair after a swim in the ocean.

Oh, and I can be rather random.


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